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Morgan Kibby | White Sea


After a Grammy nomination, platinum selling single, and headlining performance at the legendary Hollywood Bowl, it’s safe to assume that singer-songwriter Morgan Kibby was satisfied with her progress in 2013. Best known for her affiliation with the French electronic band M83, Kibby has paired up with friend and producer Anthony Gonzalez on numerous occasions, contributing keys, arrangements, and vocals to Saturdays=Youth in 2008 and Hurry up We’re Dreaming in 2011. Besides touring extensively with the group and co-writing the inescapable “Midnight City,” Kibby performed as front-woman for the LA based indie classical band The Romanovs, remixed everyone from Imagine Dragons to Brittney Spears, and recently released a solo EP under the moniker White Sea. To top off her already impressive resume, Kibby provided voiceover work for the trailers of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) and M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water (2006).

Kibby shows no signs of slowing in the new year, building momentum with the premier of her recent single “Prague,” which will be featured on her debut full-length solo album In Cold Blood. The album is scheduled for release this spring on Crush Music, and will include two tracks co-produced by Grammy nominated producer Greg Kurtsin. Kibby displays her penchant for the dramatic with “Prague,” meshing soaring choral loops, claps, and waves of heavy synth. The M83 influence are clear, but White Sea leans more towards grace than grandiosity. “No need to tell me how this ends/ A soup of naked and quietness,” Kibby intones tremulously, just before a wall of droning synth surges in. Her lofty vocals never struggle to stay afloat despite the swells, channeling a mix of Florence Welch, Tegan and Sara, and just a hint of the ethereal melancholy of Susanne Sundfør.

Whereas White Sea’s This Frontier EP was a charming, if slightly scattered, exploration of the electro-pop realm, “Prague” and Kibby’s other recent single “They Don’t Know,” display a grander and more focused production style. It appears that White Sea has honed in on her style, one well-suited to her upcoming tour of California with the rising electronic pop duo Phantogram. Following her performance at the Sasquatch! music festival over Memorial Day weekend, Kibby will continue her tour across the United States with New Zealand based synth-rockers The Naked and Famous. White Sea has also released a trailer to promote her new album, featuring Kibby and an unidentified man at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. The video begins with a slow zoom on the building to reveal Kibby and her partner sharing a drink, their bodies mysteriously buried in the brick wall. She laughs and smiles, but the soundtrack gives the trailer an eerie sensation.

2014 is going to a big year for Morgan Kibby. So forget about the latest antics of Miley Cyrus and pause “Royals” for a moment to check out “Prague,” the refreshing new single off White Sea’s upcoming album In Cold Blood.


Originally featured on QueenLatifah.com

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